price of the 10-minute-treatment: HUF 500.- 
20 minutes: HUF 1,000.-

The pain in the back accompanies the life of many of us – the reasons for this can be variable: not only a painful hernia but also a „loose” posture, a chair or a table not set at the correct height but also the unhealthy work environment or stationary or sedentary work all day long. The device is suitable to the following excellently: lengthening the backbone and relieving high-toned muscles

The bed is very simple: the patient is suspended at his/her ankles and the bed can be tilted back by an electric engine up to almost vertical position in a controllable way. The patient sets the angle himself/herself which is the most comfortable.
During the targeted stretching therapy of the degeneration of the vertebral disks, vacuum is generated between the external, firmer and fibrous ring and the inner pulpy core of the vertebral disks composed of two kinds of material basically. The vacuum moves the vertebral disks back toward the original healthy condition.
The suspension is useful because it stretches the backbone, the high tone of the muscles is reducing and the emerging nerve roots are not under pressure - thus, pain is relieved. This bed is different from other similar ones because with this bed the backbone is supported all the time and the spinal column can preserve its special shape as well.
The treatment is short, it is very efficient already after 10 or 20 minutes and the 1 or 2 treatments per day reduce(s) the pains in the backbone considerably within 2 weeks already

There are only a few contra-indications:

  • condition following prosthesis implantation into the big joints,
  • after backbone stabilising surgery,
  • severe osteoporosis, tumour.


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The price per night includes the following: accommodation in a classic room, buffet-style breakfast, in addition the unlimited usage of our wellness unit / medicinal pool, Finnish sauna, infra sauna, immersion pool, steam cabin, salt chamber, Jacuzzi / fitness room, gaming room / billiard, table-tennis, table-soccer, one jug of alkali health water per day, bathing-gown if requested, WiFi all over the hotel, closed car park and VAT.

In addition to the price of the room, the tourism tax is payable by guests over 18. 
Level: HUF 350/person/night

Eating types:

  • Buffet style breakfast: From 7 until 10 o'clock unlimited food-drink consumption.
  • Half-board: A' la carte lunch or dinner, or in case of full-house smorgasbord dinner with 8-9 dishes.
  • Menu: Menu featured 2 dish lunch from 3 choosable sets (A, B or C with dessert and extra charge)

Érkezés és Távozás: 

A szállodai szobák érkezés napján délután 14 órától, távozás napján délelőtt 10 óráig állnak rendelkezésükre! Az ettől eltérő időpontban történő érkezést kérjük előre jelezni szíveskedjenek! Előzetes értesítés hiányában a szállodai szobákat érkezés napján 18:00 óráig áll módunkban fenntartani.

Lemondás: A lemondás érkezés előtt 7 nappal kötbérmentes, érkezés előtt 6-3 nappal a szállásár 25%-a, érkezés előtt 2-0 nappal a szállásár 50%-a, lemondás nélküli távolmaradás esetén a szállásár 100 % -a fizetendő kötbérként.

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Free Wifi

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Closed car park

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

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We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.


We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

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We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.