Kedves Vendégünk!

Szállodánk 2021. július 3-tól,  teljes körű szolgáltatással, összhangban az aktuális kormányrendelettel újra fogad védettségi igazolvány NÉLKÜL Vendégeket!

S319/2021 (VI.9.) Korm. rendelet értelmében 2021.július 1-től az idegenforgalmi adó megfizetése ismét kötelező a szállodákban.
Mezőkövesden a jelenleg hatályos rendelet szerint 350.- Ft/fő/éj 18 év felettiek számára.

Our immune system is exposed to innumerable attacks every day therefore it is compelled to defend itself. Taking sauna is relaxation and refreshment and rest, which helps us preserving hour health at the same time. It has a beneficial effect to the body, spirit and psyche that is why sauna is also called the temple of health. In our sauna world it is not only relaxation and recovery that are guaranteed but the defending ability of the body can be improved as well. Taking sauna regularly opens the new horizons of zest for life and quality of life. Its further effects on health: it strengthens the heart, relaxes from stress, rejuvenates the skin and is also suitable against insomnia. In order that you can enjoy the beneficial effect of the sauna, tune yourself to heat then select one of the cabins of various temperatures.

Finnish sauna – Infra sauna – Immersion pool - Salt chamber - Solarium

Hő- és Fényterápiák megtekintése ⇒

Sauna with disintoxication effect, temperature between 80-110°C and low moisture content. The poisons leave the body via the sweat. We propose taking a shower before going to the sauna then staying in there for between 5 and 20 minutes several times. We propose taking a shower in the breaks, if possible, however, it is not compulsory. After taking sauna, the cold-water pool has a beneficial effect. Relaxing is important after taking the sauna! It is contraindicated for people with cardiac problems.

All of the guests of our hotel can use it unlimitedly.



The infra sauna cabin can be either for lying or sitting where there is not a stove but there are infrared tubes which provide a heat of maximum 60 degrees. During the treatment, the infrared rays enter the skin deep, approx. 4 cm where the energy of light is transformed into heat energy and the heat generates a disintoxication and cell regenerating effect. After usage of 30 minutes, the body burns 900 calories of which the cells take back of up to 200 calories via liquids. This is equivalent to running 15 kilometres. The quantity of sweat is approx. three times more than the quantity that can be achieved via traditional sauna, its disintoxication effect is between 20 and 60 times more and the quantity of non-water-like components is between 3 and 7 times more. Its long usage loosens the grease groups and "reorganises" the muscles owing to the intense circulation of lymph. Therefore it is an incredibly great help to a slimming cure or making orange skin disappear in addition to disintoxication, strengthening the vascular bed and the immune system, relaxing and improving the general condition. Moreover, it does not affect only the orange skin on the critical areas spectacularly but it affects also the whole skin surface. During one cure (between 10 and 15 occasions) the skin is rejuvenated between 5 and 10 years owing to its pore cleaning and cell regenerating effect.

All of the guests of our hotel can use it unlimitedly.

The salt cure is a natural therapy, the origin of which goes back to experiences of hundred years. The planning, building and using of the salt chamber are based on the finding that people working in salt mines have suffered much less from illnesses of the respiratory organs. The salt chamber has been widely used in wellness centres by today. By using the salt chamber, you can enjoy the healing, embellishing and relaxing strength of the salt caves and the salty sea air.
The salt chamber is a room built artificially where the necessary climate is insured by the evaporation of salt crystals and saturated salt solution. The room is covered with salt bricks impregnated by salt solution where the constant humidity is between 70 and 80 %. The salt chamber has a regulated temperature of between 20 and 22 °C.


When talking about wellness, you should not forget about the beneficial effect of the solarium and sunlight. The solarium provides nicer and cleaner skin, leads to speeding up metabolism and the increased oxygen supply of the tissues and prevents the development of skin disorders. It improves the immune system of the body, the ultra-violet radiation activates the white blood cells, which fight against bacteria attacking the body.
The solarium has a more sparing effect on the skin than the natural sunlight because the ultra-violet B rays are reduced to the level, which is minimally necessary for achieving biological effects. The rays are reduced to the level, which is minimally necessary for achieving a sun-tanned colour. The solarium has a well-balanced spectrum that is similar to natural sunlight therefore it insures all the possible advantageous effects of the sunlight to the human body. The solarium activates the own light-repellent mechanism of the body, the tanning and thickening of the upper layer of the skin means light protection of 100 factors.

HUF 400.- / 6 minutes


Mezőkövesd időjárása



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Cashback  Pénzvisszatérítés minden vásárlás után*

Részletek ↵

The price per night includes the following: accommodation in a classic room, buffet-style breakfast, in addition the unlimited usage of our wellness unit / medicinal pool, Finnish sauna, infra sauna, immersion pool, steam cabin, salt chamber, Jacuzzi / fitness room, gaming room / billiard, table-tennis, table-soccer, one jug of alkali health water per day, bathing-gown if requested, WiFi all over the hotel, closed car park and VAT.

In addition to the price of the room, the tourism tax is payable by guests over 18. 
Level: HUF 350/person/night

Eating types:

  • Buffet style breakfast: From 7 until 10 o'clock unlimited food-drink consumption.
  • Half-board: A' la carte lunch or dinner, or in case of full-house smorgasbord dinner with 8-9 dishes.
  • Menu: Menu featured 2 dish lunch from 3 choosable sets (A, B or C with dessert and extra charge)

Érkezés és Távozás: 

A szállodai szobák érkezés napján délután 14 órától, távozás napján délelőtt 10 óráig állnak rendelkezésükre! Az ettől eltérő időpontban történő érkezést kérjük előre jelezni szíveskedjenek! Előzetes értesítés hiányában a szállodai szobákat érkezés napján 18:00 óráig áll módunkban fenntartani.

Lemondás: A lemondás érkezés előtt 7 nappal kötbérmentes, érkezés előtt 6-3 nappal a szállásár 25%-a, érkezés előtt 2-0 nappal a szállásár 50%-a, lemondás nélküli távolmaradás esetén a szállásár 100 % -a fizetendő kötbérként.

Basic services:

Free Wifi

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Closed car park

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Alkali health water

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.


We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Resorter programme

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.